Olivier Rousseau

Born in Le Havre in 1955 Olivier discovers a passion for playing guitar at the age of 13. Taught by friends, René Réna and Bob Gauthier. Seven years later he moves in South West of France. Plays with a lot of groups as Gadji (Toulouse), A cordes et à swing (with Christophe Lartilleux), Grégor Kartaî (Gypsy and jazz violinist) and Challain Ferret (himself guitarist sideman of Django Reinhardt). In 1999 start to the North (Dunkerque). During 9 years he lives in an old and nice camping car that allows him to often meet gypsy friends as Marcel Lagrene, Samson and Koweit Reinhardt and to play with them. Plays also in duet with Stan Régnier.

Then he lives in Germany, meeting Wesley Gehring, Wawau Adler.
Finally Albi and the road goes on with Léo through Clap Swing.

Léo Rénaldi

Born in 1985, Léo begins to play in Paris at the age of 18, taught by Jean-Philippe Bordier, Serge Krief and Pascal Gaubert (Music Academy of X, Paris). From 2007 he plays in pubs with several gypsy or jazz groups. In 2008, living in Prague, he eats goulash every saturday through regular concerts with James McGaw (musician in Magma group).

After several years of concerts and travels he records several Cds and plays in first parts of more important concerts, among them the last of Paco de Lucia in Cordoba. In 2013 he opens the Jazz Festival of Cordoba, broadcast live and ending over ovations (see an extract). In 2013 too, he adds saxophone to his repertory, offering a new register to groups he integrates. The travel goes on in 2016 with Olivier through Clap Swing.

Main concerts:

    Opening the Festival de Jazz de Cordoba 2014
    Opening the Festival de Jazz de Cordoba 2013
    Peña de Villa Maria, Los soñadores 2012
    Opening the concert of Paco de Lucia 2014 , Sergio Dalma 2014,
    Ed Motta 2013, Javier Malosetti 2012
    Miguel Mateos 2013...
    Peña del Luchin
    Fête de l'huma à Paris, pavillon Aubervilliers 2013

Radio appearances:

    La voz de Galicia 2008 (Saint jacques de Compostelle)
    Radio Universidad 2012,2013 (Cordoba)
    Radio Mitre 2012 (Cordoba)
    Radio Living Black 2012
    Radio Fm Libre 2014 (Cordoba)

TV appearances:

    Canal 10 Mas Vale Tarde 2012
    Canal 8 Veni Mañana 2012
    Canal 10 Mas Vale Tarde 2013
    Canal 10 Aqui comienza el show 2013
    Canal 10 JT 2014


    Journal "Dia a dia" 2014
    Couverture du journal


    Small Jazz Band "clasicos del jazz" (Eden) 2013
    Eleonore Akissi duo "chansons de France et d'ailleurs" 2013
    Eleonore Akissi trio 2014


(Olivier) 07 81 09 59 55

Toulouse 31000, Albi 81000

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In short

Clap Swing is a band located between Toulouse and Albi, with varied repertoire : gipsy jazz, swing jazz, ballads and waltzes, « tsigane » music and personal compositions. Concerts are played in duet (two guitars and guitar / tenor saxophone) or trio with double bass (festivals, pubs with live music, cocktails, weddings cocktail hour, anniversaries, private parties).

Moreover, Clap Swing presents two shows : « Django and musicians secrets » and « Jazz and Tsigane, little concert explained to children » (media centre, city halls, specialized places for handicaped children, nursery and primary schools)

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